Benefits of Support Membership

Support Membership Not a female airline pilot, but want to support us?  
  • Spouses/Significant others
  • Parents
  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Anyone who wishes to support ISA+21’s mission


Stay informed of current happenings including aviation accomplishments and other stories in the female airline pilot world with regular electronic newsletters. 

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Receive regular electronic newsletters on current events in the world of female airline pilots all around the world

Scholarship Program

As a ISA+21 Support member, you have the ability to support our scholarship program and directly impact women in achieving their airline career goals

Become a HALP

"Helpers of Airline Pilots" attend conferences as Guests to ISA+21 Members

Support System

Know that female airline pilots are grateful for you joining our support system and helping us reach our goals


Helpers of Airline Pilots

Originally coined “Husbands of Air Line Pilots,” these men attended the early conventions, supporting their wives in their dreams.  While the ladies attended the ISA+21 convention business meeting, the HALPs participated in their own activities, making lifelong friends along the way.  

As attendance grew and more friends and family members came to conferences, the term was updated to “Helpers of Airline Pilots” to include spouses, parents, family members, and friends.  HALPs have been coming to conferences for over 40 years; going fishing in Alaska, golfing in Arizona, touring chocolate factories in Zurich, visiting car and sports museums around the world, and checking out the local attractions in each conference city. They look forward to bonding with friends each year.

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Our Supporters

While representing less than 6% of the airline industry, female pilots overcome unique challenges to get reach their aviation goals.  Since the early days of females reaching to flightdeck, our amazing support systems have been there ensuring our careers do not stall.  Here’s to our biggest cheerleaders, who pushed us, encouraged us when we were down, and were there for all of our milestones and accomplishments.