In memory of Francesca Norris, who was a dedicated and respected flight instructor, ISA+21 awards two scholarships each year to aspiring female airline pilots.  Even though Francesca’s dream of becoming an airline pilot was not realized, this scholarship will advance many women on a path to reach that dream.  The scholarships are for advanced flight instructor training programs and will assist women pilots in a career that Francesca loved.  Since 2019, ISA+21 has awarded over $45,000 to nine women in honor or Francesca Norris.

Scholarship Prerequisites:

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Hold an FAA Commercial Pilots License or equivalent
  • In pursuit of a career as an airline pilot
  • Hold a current first class medical certificate


  • Only one Francesca Norris Memorial Scholarship Award is allowed in a lifetime
  • Applicants may apply for both the FNMS & ISA+21 Financial Scholarship in a given year
  • Applicants may apply as many times as they wish
  • Training will be conducted at US Aviation Academy or approved flight school
  • Funds will be paid directly to the approved training organization
  • The winner is responsible for travel, housing, and personal expenses during training
  • Open to female applicants, as indicated on their pilot certificate


  • Submit required documents by emailing
  • All applications will be assessed by the Scholarship Committee for eligibility
  • Scholarship entries are due November 1st of each year
  • The scholarship winner is announced in March of each year

Lauren F.

“Becoming a CFI will allow me to give back in new ways and become a better pilot. I can offer a lot, not only as a female pilot but as someone who has worked with aircraft and their customers for years.”

Lisa K.

"As I transition to a pilot career and pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a Captain for Delta Air Lines, I want to continue to have the opportunity to make meaningful experiences for people."

Our 2022 Recipients

In 2021, ISA+21 continued to award Francesca Norris Memorial Scholarships.  Two (2) deserving recipients were awarded $5,000 each in continuance of their flight training.

Are you next? 

ISA+21 awards the innaugural
Francesca Norris Memorial Scholarships
at the 2020 WAI Conference

Thank you to our all of our donors who continue to make this award possible!