Financial scholarships

ISA+21 awards a minimum of two Scholarships of $5,000 each year to be used towards an advanced flight training program.


Prerequisite Information

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Currently be enrolled in an advanced flight training program; or
  • Have completed ab-initio flight training
  • In pursuit of a career as an airline pilot
  • Hold a current first class medical certificate


  • Only one Financial Scholarship Award is allowed in a lifetime
  • Applicants may apply as many times as they wish
  • Scholarship funds to be used towards an advanced flight training program
  • Funds will be paid directly to the approved flight training organization
  • The winner is responsible for travel, housing, and personal expenses during training
  • Training must be completed within the following 12 months
  • Open to female applicants, as indicated on their pilot certificate


  • Submit required documents by emailing
  • All applications will be assessed by the Scholarship Committee for eligibility
  • Scholarship entries for our 2021 program close on November 10, 2020
  • The scholarship winners are announced in March of each year

Our 2020 Financial Scholarship Recipients

Are you next? 

Jennifer B.
MEI Flight Training

“ I am in awe of the women who came before me, with the dignity and the skill that often had to far exceed those of their male peers... I hope to aid in carrying that torch and moving the path just a fraction further.”

Laurel D.
MEI Flight Training

“I want to be an airline pilot because it is my passion. My hope is that other little black girls will see this career as a possibility for them as well.”

Manuela C.
CFII Flight Training

“The reason I fly is because with each and every flight, I am continuously brought back to a place of adrenaline and excitement. I hope to inspire other young female and Latina students to aim high towards their goals and dreams despite how difficult and unreachable they may seem.”

Lydia R.
CFI Flight Training

“This scholarship will be a great help to me in acquiring my Flight Instructor rating without having to take out more loans.”

Elizabeth L
CFI Flight Training

“I am a life learner, self-starter, motivated aviator who believes: if you love what you do, you never have to ‘work’ a day in your life; therefore, I am 100% invested in my aviation career.”

Kayley M.
MEI Flight Training

“I quit my job and began as a full-time student at US Aviation Academy in Denton, TX... the best budget decision.”

Juliet D.
CFI Flight Training

“I was riding my bike when I crashed and fell into hedge because I was looking up into the sky watching the airlines depart Runway 7 at KSBA. I worked practically every weekend, holiday, or school break to finance my flight lessons.”

Anna T.
CFI Flight Training

“After getting married several years ago, my husband and I decided to both pursue our private certificates in lieu of a honeymoon.”

Lily M.
CFII Flight Training

“I started flying my first week of freshman year of college... I immediately fell in love with the sky and the bright future full of possibilities ahead of me.”      

Yuko Q.
CFI Flight Training

“I began attending flight school on my days off and after landing from work as a Delta Air Lines flight attendant.”