Financial scholarships

ISA+21 awards a minimum of two Scholarships of $5,000 each year to be used towards an advanced flight training program.


Prerequisite Information

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Currently be enrolled in an advanced flight training program; or
  • Have completed ab-initio flight training
  • In pursuit of a career as an airline pilot
  • Hold a current first class medical certificate


  • Only one Financial Scholarship Award is allowed in a lifetime
  • Applicants may apply as many times as they wish
  • Scholarship funds to be used towards an advanced flight training program
  • Funds will be paid directly to the approved flight training organization
  • The winner is responsible for travel, housing, and personal expenses during training
  • Training must be completed within the following 12 months
  • Open to female applicants, as indicated on their pilot certificate


  • Submit required documents by emailing
  • All applications will be assessed by the Scholarship Committee for eligibility
  • Scholarship entries are due November 1st of each year
  • The scholarship winners are announced in March of each year

Our 2021 Financial Scholarship Recipients

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Rebecca K.
United Kingdom

“I have wanted to be a professional pilot for as long as I can remember. I worked hard to forge my own path into aviation (despite no family history in it). After university, I started a law career but returned to flying, my true passion. I would like to build my career in the UK or US, as I am a dual national. I want to inspire the qualities of competence and courage in aspiring pilots, including fellow female and minority trainees.”

Rachel S.

“As soon as I saw the flight deck view from FL300, I knew that I would not give up until I earned my own seat in that flight deck. My next milestone--becoming a Certified Flight Instructor. Sharing my love of flying with others who share the same passion is something I have been looking forward to since my first flight lesson.”

Manminder T.

“Aviation has been my passion since I was a little girl when my family migrated from India. I have always admired female pilots. Growing up, I was told that I could not be a pilot since I was a girl. Many family members discouraged me from pursuing aviation, claiming that I did not belong in a male dominated profession. I refused to listen to their opinions and pursued my dream anyway.”

Abby W.

“Since taking my first awe-inspiring flight lesson in 2017 my personal and professional goals have been dedicated to growing as a pilot. I have had the honor of working with my mother, a 35 year Major Airline Captain to learn the dedication and positive attitude required to overcome barriers, mentor fellow female pilots, and accept the challenges present in this industry. My overarching goal is to follow my mother's footsteps in becoming an Airline Pilot."

Laura M.

“Growing up I was told that I would probably be a stay-at-home mom. After a discovery flight, I soon discovered, wow, I can actually do this! While working full time, mothering, and wifing, I continue to training for my flight ratings. The example I want to set for my girls is of utmost importance, showing them that they can do anything they want with hard work and perseverance. Never giving up or losing hope in some turbulence.”

Jacquelyn E.
North Dakota

“I want to be a commercial airline pilot, for not only myself, but for young girls like I once was. I want them to see me as the pilot of their flight and know that they can be whoever they want with hard work and dedication. Women shouldn’t let their gender dissuade them from joining a field, especially aviation. Along the path to this end goal, I want to make wherever I am a more inclusive and safe space for all aviators, including females and the LGBTQ+ community.”

Eryka D.

“Growing up in São Paulo it seemed like the socio-economic barrier couldn’t be broken. I never believe that an opportunity of being a pilot would be presented to me. After graduating from Marketing, I left everything to come to the United States to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. As I stay focused on my career goal, the ATP license to fly passengers on international routes, any other hurdles I may encounter will become lessons I can pass on to the next aviatrix.”

Crystal T.

"After my first discovery flight, I was hooked. Aviation brought a new level of freedom that I never experienced before. I find fulfillment in being a pilot because I am constantly challenged and rewarded. I am on track to achieve my goals by the end of the year where, I plan on finishing my CFI and beginning to instruct.”

Cindy C.

“My passion for aviation has been reignited. The best thing about being back in aviation is knowing that my two sons (21 and 4) are watching me study hard and commit to something I love. I can’t wait to have them greet me at the airport as I come home after the flight. It would be a dream come true for us all.”

Chelsea M.

“Flying is a lifelong adventure, a rewarding challenge, and most importantly, my chance to make an impact. I want to show everyone with an interest in aviation, that it is not just for certain people with money, but for everyone with time, passion, and ambition. The people I hope to inspire are the coefficient of lift in my equation. They motivate me and they are always there to remind me that gravity is real but can be overpowered.”

Alejandra P.

“When I became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines in 2017, I mentioned my dream to a pilot one of my first days on the job. He told me to “Stop making excuses about the cost and just do it” if this is what I wanted to do. That push motivated me to pursue my long-term goal of becoming a pilot for Southwest Airlines.”

Kenzie A.

“Flying had always been something I was interested in even as a young girl. I was fortunate enough to have met someone with a Cessna 150 who took me on my first small airplane ride and I was instantly hooked on the idea of becoming a pilot. Since I started my flight training at Kent State five years ago, I have had the hopes of setting an example and being an inspiration to other women and young girls in aviation.”