International Forest of Friendship

The International Forest of Friendship was founded in 1976 as a living, growing memorial to the World History of  Aviation and Aerospace.

Nestled on a gentle slope, The Forest encompasses 20 acres in the heartland of America and includes trees from all fifty states and thirty-five countries around the world where Honorees reside. Winding through the trees is Memory Lane, honoring those who have, or still are, contributing to all facets of aviation and aerospace.  Embedded in the concrete walk are granite plaques engraved with names of more than 1500 Honorees, including the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and ISA+21 Members.

In 2008, ISA+21 was inducted into the International Forest of Friendship.  The engraved granite plaque for ISA+21 can be found under the state of Nevada.  

In 2008, members attend the Induction Ceremony of ISA+21 in the International Forest of Friendship
ISA+21 Charter Members Norah O'Neill and Karen Kahn accepting ISA+21 Certificate and Engraved Granite Plaque Photo
ISA+21 members Lynn Rippelmeyer and Terry Rinehart inducted into the IFOF in 1998
Emily Howell Warner and Lucy Young find their plaques in the Forest
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ISA+21 has attended Induction Ceremonies for over twenty years as more and more ISA+21 Members are honored with induction into the International Forest of Friendship.

In 2019, ISA+21 honored three members: 

  • Donna Miller
  • Evelyne Tinkl
  • June Viviano