Benefits of Individual Membership

No matter the stage of your airline career, Join Us!

Individual Membership is a perfect way to stay involved  in the aviation industry and keep connected with other female pilots from around the world!
  • Regional Airline Pilots
  • Major Airline Pilots
  • Retired Airline Pilots
  • Pilots on Furlough (Stood Down), on Leave from their airline, or currently displaced from employment

    > For those currently or who have ever held a seniority number at a Part 121 or ICAO equivalent carrier

A Lifetime Membership provides foundational support to ensure the longevity of ISA+21


Get a chance to connect with friends all over the world at ISA+21 Conferences and other social events

Female Matters

From Health & Well-Being topics unique to women, to offering support on the flight deck, women supporting women is how we overcome and succeed

Resource Hub

Access our library of resources for a successful career. For pilots at all stages

Newsletters & Connections

Stay connected with other female airline pilots from around the world and get regular updates about the happenings in our industry with Members Only electronic newsletters

Captain's Club

Join the ranks of accomplished women before you who reached the command level by being recognized by your peers and inducted into this prestigious club upon upgrading to Captain at your airline

Retiree Club

A great way to stay connected to the career you loved with other ladies in their golden years

Mentoring & Friendships

Whether you would like some advice or want to share your experiences, the connections you make may lead to lifelong friendships.

Scholarship Program

Many young ISA+21 members apply to our scholarship program to advance their careers. As an ISA+21 member, you have the ability to support our scholarship program and directly impact women in achieving their airline career goals
Celebrating Aviation Achievements
Applauding Female Flightdeck Crews
Honoring Aviators of the Past
Admiring the Legacy: Mothers & Daughters
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