ISA+21 Memberships


$ 55
  • Available to any female airline pilot*
  • Annual ISA+21 Conference Access
  • ISA+21 Member pin
  • Invitation to ISA+21 events
  • Become a part of our global aviation network
  • Receive our Member’s only electronic newsletters
  • Access to the ISA+21 resource information hub
  • Become a part of our Mentorship program


$ 40
  • Not a Female Pilot, But want to still support our Mission?
  • Receive Semi-Annual electronic newsletter
  • Access to the ISA+21 resource information hub
  • ISA+21 brand gift


  • Available to any female aspiring to be an airline pilot- No minimum Age
  • Ability to apply for the ISA+21 suite of scholarship programs
  • Access to Mentoring, Networking, and Professional Programs
  • Receive quarterly electronic newsletter
  • ISA+21 Pilot Decal
  • Once becoming a female airline pilot, your first year as an "Individual" ISA+21 member is on us!


$ 1000 One time payment
  • All the benefits of Individual Membership
  • Inclusion on the Lifetime Member Website Honor Board
  • Exclusive Lifetime Member pin
  • Honored on stage at the ISA+21 Conference

* Membership is available to any female, as indicated on their pilot certificate, who at any point in her life met the following requirement:  Is a flight crewmember at a FAR Part 121 Air Carrier or ICAO equivalent and possesses an Airline Transport Pilot’s License or ICAO equivalent. 

**All fees expressed in USD