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July – October 2020

Natalie Andersen
 | United Airlines
Lisa Archibald | Delta Air Lines
Diane Brown | United Airlines 
Caitlin Bute | Skywest Airlines
Jennifer Clark | Delta Air Lines
Courtney Crain | UPS
Rachel Daulton | American Airlines
Cynthia Derby | UPS
Caitrin Doherty-Powell | Atlas Air
Nadine Dubach | Mesa Airlines
Karen Flowers | American Airlines
Christina Hartlaub
 | UPS
Lauren Ince | Skywest Airlines
Kelly Jeffries
 | American Airlines
Julie Kay | UPS
Aliya Khaluq | Jet Airways
Kathleen Kirkpatrick | Skywest Airlines
Pamela Mahonchak | United Airlines
Erin McCoy | FedEx
Jennifer Meiners
 | Skywest Airlines
Terri Meyers | American Airlines
Jennifer Nickol | UPS
Joyce Roberts | Mesa Airlines
Michelle Sharp | United Airlines
Karen Shuttleworth | Southwest Airlines
Hannah Sorgen | ExpressJet Airlines
Ilana Stout | United Airlines
Andrea Strand | American Airlines
Jeanne Van Oss
| American Airlines

April – June 2020

Dawn Crivello | American Airlines
Melanie Dow | Tigerair
Cristina Field | PSA Airlines
Magdalen Kircher | Republic Airways
Dianna Klein | United Airlines
Rebekah Nichols | Cathay Pacific
Linda Wackerman | American Airlines
Gabrielle Wahto | Alaska Airlines

January – March 2020

Luz Agudelo | JetBlue Airlines
Courtney Allen | Endeavor Air
Debbie Aw | Singapore Airlines
Andrea Barthels | American Airlines
Carla Bates-Rosenberg | Frontier Airlines
Taylor Bodenhamer 
Rachel Borsa | Compass Airlines
Meaghan Camp | American Airlines
Jane Carino | GoJet Airlines
Marissa Colclasure | Envoy Air
Kayla Corcimiglia | United Airlines
Helena Cunningham | Delta Air Lines
Paula Dabrowski | Skywest Airlines
Carol Dean | FedEx
Mckenzie Emerenciana | Skywest Airlines
Gudny Gudmundsdottir | Wideroe
Robin Guillian | Aloha Airlines
Victoria Hendrick | Piedmont Airlines
Patricia Henness | Skywest Airlines
Brittney Hobt | Republic Airways
Doreen Ecks-Huebner | Luftansa CityLine
Laura Hurley | UPS
Kathi Hurst | United Airlines
Nathalie Jimenez Rodriguez | Envoy Air
Jessica Karlsson | Compass Airlines
Mary Koenig | United Airlines
Kathleen Kyer | UPS
Brigitte Lakah | UPS
Christine Lapp | Sky Airlines
Jann Lumbrazo | United Airlines
Amanda Machamer | Skywest Airlines
Alyssa Manning | PSA Airlines
Tatiana Mattos |Horizon Airlines
Charissa McDonald | United Airlines
Stephanie O’Neil | American Airlines
Kathy Osborne | UPS
Maria Pernia-Digings | EasyJet Airlines
Jelena Petrovic
Sarah Prince | Horizon Air
Casie Ross | Trans States Airlines
Leslie Sanders | American Airlines
Brooke Sharp | Trans States Airlines
Deborah Shavers | United Airlines
Abigail Smeltzer | Envoy Air
Linda Sollars | JetBlue Airlines
Roberta Stanford | United Airlines
Kathleen Suarez | GoJet Airlines
Mary Verry | ATA
Jocelyn Warrick | Alaska Airlines
Melanie Warren | Skywest Airlines
Sara Wylie | American Airlines
Claudia Zapata-Cardone | United Airlines

October – December 2019

Susan Alexander | FedEx
Lauren Aoyama | Skywest Airlines
Mayan Bechar | Arkia Israeli Airlines
Heather Buxton | American Airlines
Isabel Doppelreiter | Austrian Airlines
Jennifer Greenwood | Skywest Airlines
Dakota Osborn | Skywest Airlines
Fiona Overton | Jetstar Australia
Louise Nutter | ATI/Polar
Stephanie Sanchez Quinones | Skywest Airlines
Kirsty Smith | Cathay Pacific
Lauren Taylor | Atlas Air
Melanie Roberts | Skywest Airlines
Jenna Running | Envoy Air

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