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January – March 2023

Alma Adams | United Airlines
Alyse Adkins
Amy Allen | FedEx Express
Arbutina Paige | Jetblue
Marinella Ballesteros | Envoy
Ariel Baltis | UPS
Jessie Ban | Envoy Air
Nancy Barteczko
| United Airlines
Jessiy Bartley | United Airlines
Adriana Bendeck
| United Airlines
Molly Blackford | Endeavor
Suki Blofield | Air Tanker
Marie-Lorraine Bulle | Qatar Airways
Deon Byrne
| United Airlines
Shauna Clements
| Alaska Airlines
Angela Cloud | Elite Air
Sandra Coelho | LATAM Airlines Brazil
Josie Cotugno
| SkyWest
Allison Couch | Canada Jetlines
Carly Crockett | Endeavor Air
Amelia Crowley | Qantas
Lindsay Davis | Envoy Air
Marie Davis
| Piedmont Airlines
Jennifer Desserich | UPS
Chantal Dubowitz | Spirit
Kaitlin Eby
| SkyWest
Allison Eckert
| Alaska Airlines
Thaca Dawn Elkins
| Edeavor Air
Joanna Fabris
| Sky Airlines
Abigail Gilsdorf
| Republic Airways
Lismabel Gimenes Ribas
| Skywest Airlines
Cindee Goes
| Southwest Airlines

Tracy Hagan | American Airlines
Kelly Hamilton
| Endeavor Air
Natalie Higdon | Endeavor Air
Carole Homan | Envoy Air
Claire Homsey | Commute Air
Andrea Hoover | American Airlines
Weiling Huynh | Envoy Air
Riei Iwamoto | Air Canada
Alyssa Kaganyk | Horizon Air
Malina Keck | Southwest Airlines
Emi Kennedy
Susanne Krecek-Pries | United Airlines
Janise Lambert | Spirit
Donna Lee
| EVA Air
Shawna Lennen | SkyWest
Jody Leverknight | Delta Air Lines
Karina Lutkus | Emirates Airlines
Christine Magruder | Spirit Airlines
Jessica Marin | Spirit Airlines
Natalia Marin Munoz | Qatar Airways
Diana Maria Martinez Rubio | Avianca
Melissa Matthews | OMNI (retired)
Mariana May Baratto | CommuteAir
Terra McGra | Alaska Airlines
Ihsle Mercado Medina | Avianca
Tandy Middleton
| Southwest Airlines
Kerbi Mueller | Piedmont Airlines
Morgan Murphey | SkyWest
Josie Nason | SkyWest
Christine Oksas | SkyWest
Cassandra Pacelli | CommuteAir
Gabrielle Palmas
| Atlas Air
Maria Paula Salgado | Avianca
Carol Rabadi | Royal Jordanian Airline
Cora Rand | Endeavor Air
Laura Rodriguez | Avianca
Jordan Ruemenapp | Horizon Air
Tara Ryan
| Republic Airways
Lorena Santafe Arredondo | Ultra Air
Wendy Shelker | Delta Air Lines
Kathleen Shieds | Envoy Air
Jennifer Shields | United Airlines
Denise Stecconi | Alaska Airlines
Avery Swain | Envoy Air
Stormy Thomas | Southwest
Monica Uribe | Avianca
Larissa Vculek | Delta Air Lines
Lina Villegas | Viva Colombia

Member Count:

as of April 1st, 2023

Individual Members: 767
Lifetime Members: 44
Aspiring Members: 405
New Horizons: 11
Support Members: 10

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