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January – March 2022

Katie Albury | Delta Air Lines
Whitney Alexander
 | FedEx
Marissa Atwood | Skywest Airlines
Susan Baer | American Airlines
Emily Bennett | Skywest Airlines
Chandel Bielka
| Horizon Air
Raquel Bini 
| American Airlines
Joy Bishop | Allegiant Airlines
Jennifer Boman | Delta Air Lines
Kiana Bowman | Skywest Airlines
Beth Brown | Skywest Airlines
Alisa Browne | American Airlines
Sarah Cappelletti | Piedmont Airlines
Liz Cassen
| Delta Air Lines
Jessica Chaloupka 
| Skywest Airlines
Aimee Ciciora | Skywest Airlines
Cara Covic | SkyWest Airlines
Kayla Criscenzo
 | PSA Airlines
Julie Daudelin | American Airlines
Kimberly Ford
| Alaska Airlines
Maroc George
| GlobalX Airlines
Brennan Gray
| United Airlines
Hannah Hawks
 | Skywest Airlines
Katrina Holcomb | SkyWest Airlines
Jacqueline Houlton | SkyWest Airlines

Allison Kane | Endeavor Air
Sara Karg 
| Skywest Airlines
Heather Kelly 
| Skywest Airlines
Praewsiri Kijsiripanth
| Thai Lion Air
Hayley Boshier Knop 
| American Airlines
Lucinda Kotter 
| United Airlines
Linda Kroll 
| United Airlines
Kristen Landwehr 
| SkyWest Airlines
Gabriella Lindskoug 
| Envoy Air
Jade Lubinski 
| Endeavor Air
Katherine Luchau
| CommutAir
Kirsten Lawson
| SkyWest Airlines
Jody Mack
| SkyWest Airlines
Claire Lemiski
| Porter Airlines
Liisa Lesser
| Southwest Airlines
Shalyn Marchetti 
| Piedmont Airlines
Heather Mason | Skywest Airlines
Kelly McDonald | Republic Airways
Janette McMurtrie 
| American Airlines
Lindsay McWhirter | Delta Air Lines
Katherine Miller
| Envoy Air
Jessica Montiel
| SkyWest Airlines
Jacquelyne Nichols
| American Airlines
Ann Marie Nicholas | SkyWest Airlines
Carly Oden | SkyWest Airlines
Reyne O’Shaughnessy | FedEx
Tara Pratz | American Airlines
Marcella Prescot | Southwest Airlines
Jessica Raza
| Mesa Airlines
Emily Rhudy | Delta Air Lines
Heather Snyder | United Airlines
Leslie Stephens | Air Transport International
Erica Swenson| Envoy Air
Rebeccca Stewart | Southwest Airlines
Christina Taliercio
| SkyWest Airlines
Ashley Tucker
| Skywest Airlines
Danielle Villafana | Piedmont Airlines
Elizabeth Wehner | PSA Airliness
Jillian Welge | United Airlines
Linda van Westenbrugge | Virgin Atlantic Airway
Jolanda Witvliet | United Airlines

October – December 2021

Bat-Amgalan Batbileg |  Skywest Airlines
Ashley Battles | Envoy Air

Kate Benhoff | PSA Airlines
Sandra Bergland | FedEx
Taylor Bodenhamer | Piedmont Airlines
Leslie Grainger | Spirit Airlines 
Lacey Needham | Republic Airways

Janece Nissen | United Airlines
Maria Luiza Cancio Padilha | Qatar Airways
Michele Phalen | Skywest Airlines

Andrea Riley | Skywest Airlines
Katie Smith | Amerijet International

July – September 2021

Samantha Acosta | Skywest Airlines
Sarah Amerena | Spirit Airlines
Marina Armas | Global Crossing Airlines
Danielle Asunmaa | Piedmont Airlines
Heather Atkinson | Envoy Air
Beth Austin | United Airlines
Kristina Bannon | Skywest Airlines
Elizabeth Baranczyk | Envoy Air
Ann-Perry Blank | Endeavor Air
Deanna Buscema | Skywest Airlines
Tahirah Brown | FedEx
Victoria Cabrera | Skywest Airlines 
Rachel Carr | Envoy Air
Alexandra Clark | GoJet Airlines
Dawn Cook | Delta Air Lines
Adrienne Dalladas | Endeavor Air
Megan Daniels | Skywest Airlines
Shelly David | American Airlines
Cari Davidson | United Airlines
Kristin Donoghue | Delta Air Lines
Elaine Egan | Aer Lingus
Lane Elliott | Delta Air Lines
Catherine Filios | Envoy Air
Crystal Frost | Ravn Alaska
Nicole Garberg | Endeavor Air
Geoshine George | Skywest Airlines
Cole Goldenberg | Atlas Air
Kristin Gonzalez | Skywest Airlines 
Melissa Pastor Gonzalez| Endeavor Air
Sarah Gormley 
| PSA Airlines 
Kristina Guerrero 
| CommutAir
Stephanie Hartsfield
 | American Airlines
Victoria Heatwole
 | Commutair
Julia Hoylman 
| Envoy Air
Hui-I Huang 
| Skywest Airlines
Patricia Laing Humphries 
| Skywest Airlines
Sadaf Imani 
| Envoy Air
Lisa Katzke 
| Envoy Air
Karen Lacy 
| Delta Air Lines
Lora Lewis 
| Envoy Air 
Chrissy Lindorff 
| Skywest Airlines 
Yi Liu
| Endeavor Air
Gemma Meehan
| American Airlines
Jessica McMahon
 | Delta Air Lines
Brenda Murphy 
| Horizon Air
Brenda Nava
 | Republic Airways
Chelsea Noel | Endeavor Air
Jennifer O’Donoghue | Skywest Airlines
Jessica Ortega | Republic Airways
Jaqueline Ortolan | Latam Airlines
Bailey Parks | Skywest Airlines
Erin Parsons | United Airlines
Michelle Pampinella | CommutAir 
Teresa Payton | FedEx
Farah Khan Pethe | Jetairways India Ltd.
Jordan Raymond | PSA Airlines
Rachel Rea | Republic Airways
Susan Read | Republic Airways
Jessica Richard | Skywest Airlines
Courtney Robichaud | ExpressJet Airlines
Brooke Rogers | Envoy Air
Sheryl Rogers | American Airlines
Katherine Sampath | Air Wisconsin
Kim Schiff | Skywest Airines
Joi Schweitzer | Endeavor Air
Amrei Smit | Envoy Air
Elisabeth Smith | Alaska Airlines
Sarah Sprayberry | Skywest Airlines 
Lindsay Steffes | Enoy Air
Sarah Taylor | PSA Airlines
Shannon Truax | Skywest Airlines
Alicia Zhou | Air Wisonsin

April – June 2021

Sarah Angermann | Skywest Airlines
Melinda Coel | Envoy Air
Katherine Bettencourt | Delta Air Lines
Melissa Day | Envoy Air
Kari Degurse | United Airlines
Michelle Dietz | Delta Air Lines
Bobbi Doorenbos | American Airlines
Jaime Edwards | Delta Air Lines
Lucy Evans | Delta Air Lines
Ruth Fredericks | American Airlines
Kelly Heerlyn | Delta Air Lines
Rebecca Hidgcock | EasyJet
Jessica Hoffman | Delta Air Lines
Nancy Hultgren | Delta Air Lines
Debra Kaplafka | Delta Air Lines
Mandy MacMillen Nappas | Delta Air Lines
Amy Nadel | Delta Air Lines
Lisa Nydahl | Delta Air Lines
Jennifer Place | Delta Air Lines
Julia Reiners | Delta Air Lines
Laura Savino | United Airlines
Susan Bailey-Schmidt | Delta Air Lines
Samantha Schribner | Endeavor Air
Jessica Thacker | Skywest Airlines
Joni Thiesse | Skywest Airlines
Meghan Traynor | Delta Air Lines
Misty Winker | American Airlines
Lisa Wright | Delta Air Lines

Member Count:

as of June 1st, 2022

Individual Members: 604
Lifetime Members: 35
Aspiring Members: 207
New Horizons: 10
Support Members: 8

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