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Jean Harper
Captains: When the Honeymoon is Over
By Captain Jean Harper
Beverley Bass on Sept 11, 2001
NA- Kathy
Disseration on Women Airline Pilots
Challenges Faced by Women Pilots by Jenny Beatty
Individual Membership
FAA Medical
10 FAQs you should know about the intimate aspects by Jenny Beatty
ISA21 Friday copy
Tips to Winning a Scholarship
How to Respond When...
Coming Soon
Recipes on the Road
Coming Soon

Asked to speak at a Career Day but don't know where to start?

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JetSeam is offering a 15% off discount to ISA+21 Members for any Jetseam uniform purchase.  Use code ISA15 on checkout to apply your exclusive member discount.

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Speaker. Pilot. Author.

ISA +21 Charter Member and retired airline pilot Karen Kahn provides career counseling and her Flight Guide for Success

Articles, tools, and Free Resources for all stages of your flying career that will help you THINK BIG and FLY!

A pilot’s lifestyle and difficult work environment can often compromise health. Find nutrition keys for a long career and confident Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certification.

If you are curious about Mindful Meditation or already have an existing practice, join the ISA+21 Mindfulness Meditation Group that meets quarterly via Zoom.  Email Tracy Leonard for more information

Have a mentee preparing or going through interview prep for that next job yourself? These companies are supporters of ISA+21

Are you a Mentor?

We have updated the “Tips to Becoming an Airline Pilot” document that was created by our members over twenty years ago. Since each region is a little different, we are hoping to be a resource for young women around the world by providing some guidance based on location.  If you would like to help develop your region, please contact us. Feel free to share the attached PDF.

Media Release Agreement

If you would like to submit photos to ISA+21 from events you participate in, ISA+21 needs to have permission of the participants in the photo in order to use and promote your involvement.  Please encourage anyone to submit their release electronically through our website, or print out releases ahead of time and submit to ISA+21 once the event is over.