Kyoko Kimura

Airline: Delta Air Lines
Crew Position: First Officer
Aircraft: B757/767
Domicile: Seattle, Washington


What is the year and location of the flight school you attended?

2000-2001: American Flyers, Islip, NY 

What airplanes have you flown during your career?

EMB 145, B737, B757, B767 

Have you had/have any mentors throughout the years?

Kyoko: Several Flight Attendants who were/are in flight training.


How did you get interested in aviation?

Kyoko:  I wanted to become a pilot after college in Japan. However, Japanese airlines were not hiring female for pilot position back then. I moved to the US to attend graduate school majoring in Intercultural Relations. After working in education for a few years, I became a flight attendant for American Airlines. While working as flight attendant, I met several female new hire pilots and started to think I could become a pilot here in US. 

Do you have any future aviation goals you hope to achieve?

Kyoko:  I would like to keep flying international routes, especially to Japan where my family lives. Upgrade to captain at Delta before I retire! 

Do you live in base or commute?

Kyoko:  I live in Las Vegas and commute to Seattle.

What have been some recent challenges you have faced?

Kyoko:  Going through requalification training twice in 3 years due to injuries. It was my first time without flying for a long period of time in 20 years. 

What would you say to girls looking to become an airline pilot?

Kyoko:  I never thought I could not become a pilot because of my gender. It is not an easy journey to become an airline pilot but it’s very rewarding career. There are a lot of us who are happy to mentor future female aviators because all of us had someone who helped us in our journey to the flight deck. 

What do you feel is a benefit to being an ISA+21 member?

Kyoko:  The support and friendship we share. I got to meet other female pilots from other companies from all over the world through ISA+21 and became friends with them. Otherwise it is very hard to meet other female pilots through work.