Financial scholarships

ISA+21 awards a minimum of two Scholarships of $5,000 each year to be used towards an advanced flight training program.

Prerequisite Information

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Currently be enrolled in an advanced flight training program; or
  • Have completed ab-initio flight training
  • Must hold an FAA Commercial Pilot License or equivalent
  • In pursuit of a career as an airline pilot
  • Hold a current first class medical certificate


  • Only one Financial Scholarship Award is allowed in a lifetime
  • Applicants may apply as many times as they wish
  • Scholarship funds to be used for advanced flight ratings such as CFI, CFII, and MEI.
  • Funds will only be paid directly to the approved flight training organization.
  • The winner is responsible for travel, housing, and personal expenses during training
  • Training must be completed within the following 12 months
  • Open to female applicants, as indicated on their pilot certificate


  • Submit required documents by emailing
  • All applications will be assessed by the Scholarship Committee for eligibility
  • Scholarship entries are due November 1st of each year
  • The scholarship winners are announced in March of each year

Our 2023 Financial Scholarship Recipients

Are you next? 

Shantal B.

"I am a proud Latina, a hard worker, I do not give up easily, and I have demonstrated resilience and a love for helping others. My personal goal is to prove to everyone that this career is possible if you have the passion, determination, and willingness to work hard."

Palesa K.
South Africa

"My dream to become an airline pilot started at the age of 5 when I witnessed the Queen of the skies get airborne right before my eyes. That was the beginning of an incredible journey. I continue to aspire to become an airline pilot and work towards it day by day, hour by hour, and I don't allow the effects of COVID-19 to get me down."

Morgan C.

"I am proud of the growth and progress I have seen within myself from becoming a student pilot to now. Coming from no aviation background, I was afraid this endeavor would be too challenging, but I have proved myself capable of doing anything that I set my mind to!"

Kristina S.

"I decided to take an introductory flight and fell in love with flying on that clear-skied day. I knew I had to follow my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I am now on track to become the first female to graduate from my flight school as a private pilot to a CFI. I am proud that despite the obstacles I've faced, I preserved and didn't give up."

Aretha K.

"The bravest thing I have ever said was "I want to be a pilot!" I say this because the reaction I got after uttering those words before my high school's career advisor and my father was full-blown laughter. We (women) are taught not to dream big. Despite this reaction, I still decided to pursue my dream."

Kaylee A.

"This scholarship opportunity would help me work towards reaching my goal of being a CFI, something that I have looked forward to doing since starting out at Ohio University. I remember always looking up to the instructors at the airport and cannot believe I am almost to that stage in my aviation career!"

Amaelle C.

"I am passionate about promoting the aviation industry to other girls. I've met a lot of people in the industry who have helped and supported me, and become mentors. Through leadership positions, connections, and involvement, I hope to inspire and help other people reach their goals in the aviation industry."

Anna B.

"My journey to becoming a pilot is not typical, but I'm thankful for the experience I've had as a young adult that brought me to my passion of flying. I'm elated to continue my journey as an instructor and accomplish my dream of returning to the airlines as a First Officer that can inspire the next aviator."