Felizca Fernando-Catan

Airline: Philippine Airlines – PAL Express
Crew Position: Captain
Aircraft: A320 / A321
Domicile: Manila, Philippines

Where did you do your flight training?

Masters Flying School in Plaridel, Bulacan Philippines

How did you get interested in aviation?


When I was little whenever we travel, my Dad would be the Captain of our flight and that he would make me sit in the flight deck of his B737. From then on, I have been facinated by the view inside the cockpit, wondering how all those buttons and switches makes the airplane fly.   

What airplanes have you flown during your career?

C150, C152, C172, Dash 8 Q300, Airbus 320/A321/A321 Neo


Have you had/have any mentors throughout the years?

Yes, my Dad has always been my inspiration and my idol. 

Do you have any future aviation goals you hope to achieve?

I would like to be the Captain when my entire family travels for vacation. 

What have been some recent challenges you’ve faced? 

The Pandemic, seeing a lot of people I know lose their jobs in the aviation, seeing them die because of COVID-19.
What would you say to girls looking to become an airline pilot?
Eye on the goal and be ready with the gender discrimination.
Entering a world full of men will never be easy. You just have to prove yourself that you are not just a prop inside a cockpit but you are part of its heart and soul. 
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The quote I live by is…
“Keep your feet on the ground and know your limitations.”
What do you feel is a benefit of being an ISA+21 member?
The girl power, the camaraderie, the exclusiveness of being part of a new beginning for all the female pilots in the world is just exciting.