Families in the Airlines

There is no greater Inspiration than someone in the family

Mothers and Daughters

Who better to look up to than your mom? These Mothers and Daughters have both reached their goal of becoming an Airline Pilot

Rexon Family
Wendy Rexon and her two daughters Kelly Jacobson and Kate Rexon (Delta Air Lines)
Beverley Bass and Paige Stawicki Rogers
Beverley Bass (American Airlines) and her daughter Paige Stawicki Rogers (Envoy Airlines)
Jennifer Trusler and her mother

Mothers and Daughter Crews

These Mothers and Daughters have had the rare opportunity to fly together as a crew

Wendy Rexon and Kelly Rexon
Wendy Rexon and her daughter Kelly Rexon

Airline Families

Inspiration comes in all forms. ISA+21 Members and their families in the airlines!